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Welch Allyn Miller Standard (Lamp) Laryngoscope Blade, Size 2

Welch Allyn Miller Standard (Lamp) Laryngoscope Blade, Size 2
When developing this blade with Welch Allyn in 1941, Dr. Miller was attempting to overcome four major shortcomings of existing straight blades. The first was the height of the proximal portion of the blade, which he reduced by compressing the "C" shaped cross-section into a modified "D" shape. This change helped to prevent dental trauma and allowed intubation of patients with small oral openings. Second, because most blades were curved distally only at the tip, they did not facilitate "lifting" of the epiglottis. This problem was solved by starting the curve 2" back from the tip, providing a positive lifting action. Third, existing blade styles were wide distally; this limited the manageability of the instrument, prohibiting intubation. Therefore, the Miller blade was designed with a narrow tip. Finally, the tongue or base of the Miller blade was rounded to prevent pushing the tongue into the floor of the mouth. In 1990, Welch Allyn modified the Miller blade to improve its functionality and field of view. First, the base or tongue of the blade was flattened so that the tongue could be "swept" aside, rather than compressed. This was implemented due to the present technique of "sweeping" the tongue rather than compressing. The flat base helps to hold the tongue out of the field of view. Overall field of view was increased by modifying the cross-sectional area of the blade without altering width or height. This resulted in a larger field of view. The Welch Allyn Miller Laryngoscope Blade, Size 2 is the smart choice. Features: Reduced handle and blade weight for improved balance and maneuverability, facilitating even the most difficult intubations. Blades easily convert from lamp to fiber optic illumination; making upgrading economical. Repairable, allowing replacement of the deteriorating light payways for a fraction of the cost of a replacement blade. Increased cross-sectional area enlarges the field of view. Single-piece stainless steel blades ensure blade integrity (no soldered joints). Product Components: Miller Laryngoscope Blade, Size 2. 2.5v Vacuum Lamp (Large). Technical Specifications: Inside Vertical Measure: 10 mm. Length Inside Base to Tip: 132 mm.
Manufactured By: Welch Allyn
SKU: WA-68042