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SurgiLance Blade Safety Lancet, 1.8mm, Green, 100/Bx

SurgiLance Blade Safety Lancet, 1.8mm, Green, 100/Bx
Features of the SurgiLance Blade Safety Lancet: Safety Lancets incorporate the lancing device and the needle into a complete disposable unit that is used only once. The needle is not exposed before or after use thus minimizing the risk of needlestick injury and cross contamination between different people. SurgiLance safety lancet is one of the most convenient and safe lancets available in the market for micro blood sampling. Its innovative design protects healthcare professionals from needlestick injury and the unique one-step activation mechanism makes it extremely simple to use. Simple: No arming is required. Lancets are colour-coded for easy recognition. Safe: The SurgiLance safety needle or blade lancet is safely concealed before and after use. Innovative: The SurgiLance safety lancet patented design makes blood sampling the easiest and safest method. Once the lancet is used, it is rendered inoperative providing added safety for patient and clinician. Efficient: High-speed delivery and penetration method minimizes patient pain and clinician error. Latex-Free: Hypo-allergenic. Blood Flow (approx): 75-100µl.
Manufactured By: MediPurpose