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Standers Furniture Risers 8/Set

Standers Furniture Risers 8/Set
* Two Products in One Box!: Product comes with 8 risers, allowing the user to raise 2 pieces of furniture 3"? and 4"?, or one piece of furniture 5"? if risers are stacked.* Durable: Wide, heavy-duty plastic reinforced with ribbed construction.* Secure: Protective non-skid pads protects furniture and floor.* Stable Fit: Deep cavity with padded insert ensuring secure fit of furniture feet.* Stackable: 3"? riser can be stacked on top of 4"? riser to raise furniture 5"?.Specifications:* Height of Risers: four 4"? risers and four 3"? risers in each set. The riser is 5"? high if 4"? & 3"? are stacked.* Height Furniture is raised: 4"? riser = 3.875"?, 3"? = 2.875"?, 4"?+3"? stacked = 4.875"?.* Width of 4"? Risers: 5"? at base, 3.75"? at top.* Width of 3"? Risers: 4.5"? at base, 3.75"? at top.* Compatible with Furniture leg: Furniture legs fit into the top of each riser; can accommodate legs up to 2.5"? in diameter.* Weight Capacity: 350lbs including person and furniture.
Manufactured By: Standers Inc
SKU: STN-2090