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SPS Medical Sterilization Tubing, 6 x 100'

SPS Medical Sterilization Tubing, 6 x 100'
Features of the SPS Medical Sterilization Tubing: SPS Medical paper/poly tubing is manufactured to the same quality standards as our pouches and is stocked in 100 ft. (30 meter) rolls for use with Steam, Chemical vapor or EO gas sterilization processes. Easy to use: Cut to proper length, then place item(s) inside the tubing and seal with heat sealer or tape. Excellent Quality: Constructed with 45 lb. medical grade paper, 2 1/2 mil laminated film and a large seal area to prevent blowouts. Blue indicator arrow turns Brown in Steam or Chemical vapor sterilization processes and Pink indicator arrow turns Yellow in EO gas processes. 5 Year Shelf-Life: Shelf-life testing documented 5 year sterility assurance through an independent testing Laboratory. Event-Related Policy: SPSmedical supports current standards regarding "event - related" sterility assurance and states that SPS Medical roll stock tubing will maintain sterility until point of use when properly sealed and protected from the environment. Description: White sterilizable paper with see-through, heat resistant, blue poly-film materials and chemical indicators that change color when processed.
Manufactured By: SPS Medical