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Somatron Massaging Relaxation Pillow

Somatron Massaging Relaxation Pillow
Massaging Relaxation Pillow Features: Help Them Relax with Somatron Soft Furniture Useful for autistic spectrum, ADHD, PDD, and others with sensory, modulation or behavioral dysfunction. Comfortable and stimulating vibroacoustic furniture encourages the mind-body connection. Perfect for relaxation, calming restless behavior, positioning, reinforcement, entertainment, stress reduction, auditory and physical stimulation. Patented dual coil full-range vibroacoustic speakers, just 2" (5cm) thin, are imbedded in each embracing piece of furniture. Speakers easily connect to any stereo system within a given power capacity range. Play music through the system, and furniture vibrates in consort with the notes and rhythm to create layered intensities of rippling effects. Various sizes accommodate children through adults. Somatron Music (C9248-26, C9248-26-01 & 02), specifically designed for use with this furniture, is recommended for optimal effect. Specifications: 36"W x 60"L x 24"H (91 x 152 x 61cm) bean-filled body pillow. Features two 12" (30cm), full-range, fuse-protected Somatron vibroacoustic speakers mounted inside the cushion at the floor. Connects to any stereo rated 10—100 watts. Easy-to-clean, durable marine vinyl with sealed zippers to prevent loss of beans. Includes instructions and 15' of cable.
Manufactured By: Somatron
SKU: SMP-924828