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Seca 240 Wall Mounted Stadiometer

Seca 240 Wall Mounted Stadiometer
Features of the Seca 240 Wall Mounted Stadiometer:The communications experts!This mechanical personal measuring rod is simply mounted on the wall, and the exact measured result can be read off at the double-bearing sliding calliper.The index mark guarantees anti-parallax reading.The measuring slide is simple to adjust with the large head piece.The feet are accurately placed using the heel positioner, for the correct posture of the patient.The scale markings on the sliding measure slide ensure parallax- free reading. Measuring range: 60 - 210 cm / 25 - 82.6".Graduations: 1 mm / 1/8".Dimensions: 300 x 2200 x 250 mm / 12 x 86.5 x 10".Weight: 2 kg / 4.5 lb.
Manufactured By: Seca
SKU: SEC-240