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Science Source Geiger Counter, Digital Readout

Science Source Geiger Counter, Digital Readout
Features of Science Source Geiger Counter: Compact, sturdy, digital instrument for field or lab radiation measurement. Halogen-quenched, stainless-steel Geiger Mueller tube Sturdy and lightweight construction Operates on AC line voltage or with batteries Sensitive to low-level detection of alpha, beta, and gamma radiation Digital readout can be converted to mR/hr. using the scale factor on the unit Can take a count over 7.5 seconds or at a 60-second interval Dimensions (approx.): 7.1 x 3.9 x 2.4 in. (18 x 10 x 6cm) Includes: AC adapter for 110VAC line, laboratory manual with a wide range of experiments, demonstrations, and field investigations Required Accessories: Four "AA" batteries
Manufactured By: Science Source
SKU: SCS-10810