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Salter O2XPRESS Oxygen Conserver Device with Two Adult Cannulas

Salter O2XPRESS Oxygen Conserver Device with Two Adult Cannulas
A lightweight, all-pneumatic (no batteries required) oxygen demand device for CGA-870 post valve cylinders. Delivers a selectable bolus of oxygen in the first one-third of the inspiratory cycle, and a continuous flow for the remainder of the inspiratory phase. This provides saturations equal to or greater than continuous flow systems at equivalent flow rates. The O2xpress uses a special cannula designed to give users all the comfort and convenience of a Salter-Style cannula. Unique dual tubing delivers oxygen on demand through one tube while inspiratory effort is sensed through the other tube. Only one dial to adjust for patient flow delivery. Large "winged-T"? allows convenient secure connection to any CGA-870 post style oxygen cylinder. Regulator delivers pre-set bolus and flow rate during first one-third of inspiratory cycle. Remains off during the exhalation phase to maximize cylinder contents. Patented rapid response regulator design provides exceptional sensitivity to a patient’s breathing patters. The Salter O2xpress conserver comes complete with two of the patented Salter Demand Cannulas. The O2xpress Conserver is proven clinically equivalent to continuous flow at both rest and exercise. It typically extends cylinder duration up to three times.
Manufactured By: Salter Labs
SKU: SAL-8511