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Safetec Red-Z Spill Body Fluid Kit, Each

Safetec Red-Z Spill Body Fluid Kit, Each
Features of the Safetec Red-Z Spill Body Fluid Kit: Red Z is an easy, cost-effective method for fluid control in hospitals, clinics, nursing homes, institutions, law enforcement agencies, schools, laboratories and stores - anywhere there is potential for blood or body fluid spills. * Spill Cleaner Upper * Minimizes cross-contamination* Safe, convenient, effective, and inexpensiveContains: * 10g. Red Z™ Solidifier. * Large vinyl gloves. * Pick-up scoop with scraper * p.a.w.s.® Antimicrobial Hand Wipe. * SaniZide Plus™ Germicidal Wipe. * C-fold towel. * Disposable bag with twist ties * Instructions — universal and easy to follow Red Z has a unique encapsulation technology that immobilizes fluid activity of up to 100 times its own weight. Simply sprinkle onto a spill and within seconds the fluid will solidify into a granulated gel.
Manufactured By: Red-Z
SKU: SFT-17121-1