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Rochester WideBand Male Exernal Catheter, Large, 36 mm

Rochester WideBand Male Exernal Catheter, Large, 36 mm
* Expanded adhesive area protecting against unexpected, or premature need to change the catheter.* Patented, forward-placement of adhesive to prevent urine migration and build-up.* Hypoallergenic, nonsensitizing adhesive built into catheter sheath.* Clear sheath allowing for ease of inspection and enhanced skin integrity.* An advanced, soft, silicone material to help reduce frictional irritation and maximize comfort.WideBand is the new standard for male external catheters. For the first time, adhesive is built into nearly the entire sheath wall. It has 70% more adhesive area than is found in the self-adhering styles developed in the 80's. Rochester Medical Corporation has patented this advanced manufacturing process, providing more security without requiring more aggressive adhesive. The distinctive design of the WideBand catheter involves more than just an extended length of adhesive area. WideBand is the only catheter with its adhesive placement beginning just behind the glans. This forward-placement of the adhesive is patented and provides two important features: * it helps prevent urine migration up the penis shaft, which results in premature removal, and * it helps prevent urine build-up around the head of the penis, which results in catheter blow-off. The WideBand's unique features - 100% silicone construction, expanded adhesive area, and patented adhesive placement - combine to make it the New Standard in Self-Adhering Male External Catheters.
Manufactured By: Rochester Medical
SKU: RCM-36104