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Roche Diagnostics Urisys 1100 10 MD Urine Analyzer System Starter Kit

Roche Diagnostics Urisys 1100 10 MD Urine Analyzer System Starter Kit
The Roche Diagnostics Urisys 1100 system offers simple operation, an attractive design, improved functions and flexible software options supporting cost-effective, time-saving and standardized, semi-quantitative one-at-a-time evaluation of Chemstrip urine system test strips. Use this compact analyzer for one-at-a-time strip evaluation. It features a 50-test-per-hour throughput and flexible software options, making it ideal for physicians' offices and smaller laboratories. The analyzer provides standardized, reliable measurement of the Chemstrip® 10 MD strip, which is composed of 10 test pads that change color to register values for specific gravity, pH, leukocytes, nitrite, protein, glucose, ketones, urobilinogen, bilirubin and blood in the urine. Customer benefits of the Urisys 1100 and Urisys 2400: Rapid and safe: All Urisys analyzers are designed for optimized work and data flow. Rapid processing of test strips accelerates analysis while high quality chemistries provide safe results. Proven test strip chemistries: Chemstrip system test strips (for Urisys 1100 system) and Urisys 2400 Cassette test strips — all with net sealing technology — provide proven advantages of Roche Diagnostics test strips. Specifically, ascorbic acid resistance improves security of results by minimizing false negatives in presence of Vitamin C, compensation of strong intrinsic urine coloration reduces risk of false positives, minimal lot-to-lot variance makes lot-specific calibration unnecessary. Fast integration into the routine lab: Automatic incubation, measurement and documentation (Urisys 1100 system) makes urinalysis easier to perform. Flexible software settings and result reporting provide customized performance. Sample identification via barcode reader and connectivity to computer systems ensure correct result reports. Convenient user interaction: Simple one button operation (Urisys 1100 system) Clearly arranged operation buttons, information areas and input fields provide easy access to various software functions, e.g. fast recall of sample records. Easy cleaning and maintenance: All Urisys analyzers are designed for easy cleaning and maintenance. Kit includes:*?Urisys 1100 Analyzer*?1 box of 50 Calibration Strips*?6 boxes of 100 Chemstrip 10 MD Test Strips
Manufactured By: Roche
SKU: RCH-3260763-602