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Roche Chemstrip Micral Albumin Test Strips, 30/Bottle

Roche Chemstrip Micral Albumin Test Strips, 30/Bottle
Chemstrip Micral Test Strips are an optically read immunoassay to detect albumin in urine samples. When the test strip is dipped into a urine sample, urine passes via a wick fleece into the conjugate fleece.Any albumin present in the sample binds itself specifically to the gold-labeled antibodies.Excess antibody-gold conjugate is bound by immobilized albumin in a capture zone, so that the detection field is reached only by conjugate molecules charged with the urinary albumin. Depending on the albumin concentration, the detection field assumes a color ranging from white to red. Chemstrip microalbuminuria test strips are a simple alternative to traditional testing methods, providing results when and where they're needed. Physicians, patients, and managed care organizations have all benefited from Micral test strips because they provide. A fast, easy, one-minutes test to detect subclinical nephropathy. In-office testing. Proven accuracy compared to radioimmunoassay. Long- and short-term cost savings. Increased patient and physician satisfaction. A semi-quantitative visual immunoassay test that is specific for human albumin in urine. The only "dipstick" test for MAU that can be used in any office. Convenient for both patient and physician. Five-minute color stability. Specificity and sensitivity: 94%.
Manufactured By: Roche
SKU: RCH-417146