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Respironics Simplicity Nasal Mask with Headgear, Medium, Each

Respironics Simplicity Nasal Mask with Headgear, Medium, Each
To find a comfortable nasal mask just follow your nose. That's where you'll see Respironics Simplicity™, a part of the Comfort Series of masks. And "see" is the operative word. It's small. Lightweight. Worn just on the top of the nose, it eliminates pressure on the bridge of the nose. This allows patients to wear eyeglasses and eliminates airflow to the eyes - a contributing factor in contracting conjunctivitis. With its innovative design and streamlined construction, Simplicity™ is ideal for the use in the treatment of adult Ostructive Sleep Apnea and for noninvasive ventilation in the home or hospital. It's a perfect fit with Respironics Power Programs™ for Providers, helping to ensure long-term compliance with CPAP and bi-level positive pressure therapy. Features: Exhalation Port- Results in quiet air flow, and its innovative built-in design eliminates the need for additional valves or ports. 360 Swivels- At the top and bottom of the tubing allow the tubing to twist more freely as the patient moves. Mask Cushion- Made of soft, pliable silicone that gently contours around the tip of the patient's nose to provide a snug seal. Flexible, lightweight tubing- Permanently attached to the mask and connects easily to standard circuit tubing. Stability Clip- May be attached to sleepwear or to headgear for added support. A Velcro® tab secures placement of the Stability Clip on the tubing.
Manufactured By: Respironics
SKU: RES-1002759