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Respironics BiliTx Phototherapy Homecare Package with Wrap Around Panel

Respironics BiliTx Phototherapy Homecare Package with Wrap Around Panel
Features of the Respironics BiliTx Phototherapy Homecare Package: BiliTx™ provides a brighter future for infants with hyperbilirubinemia (jaundice) and hope to anxious parents. This new phototherapy system from Children’s Medical Ventures places effective light therapy in the hands of clinicians and parents while delivering reliable business solutions to hospitals and home healthcare providers. BiliTx’s superior irradiance, low maintenance costs and dual therapy functions make it a reliable and effective phototherapy choice for the NICU, pediatrics and well-baby nursery. For clinicians, BiliTx can be configured as an overhead spotlight or connected to a fiber-optic panel in any hospital environment such as a crib or incubator. When used as an overhead spotlight, BiliTx does not transfer heat to the baby — unlike conventional halogen phototherapy devices that may require cooling fans and constant temperature regulation. When a fiber-optic panel is used in conjunction with an overhead spotlight, BiliTx’s versatility can provide high or intensive dual-surface phototherapy for the most severe hyperbilirubinemia cases. With BiliTx’s one-button operation and no-maintenance technology, parents will find treating their infant’s hyperbilirubinemia at home to be easy and reliable. BiliTx’s small size and light weight make the device easy to carry, transport and store. BiliTx is versatile and fits easily into a mother’s or caregiver’s hand while delivering treatment. Its parent-friendly sling, fiber optic panel and long cord make it easy to nurse, hold and even carry the baby without interrupting phototherapy. BiliTx delivers highly effective phototherapy through the use of blue light-emitting diodes (LEDs) that meet the American Association of Pediatrics’ phototherapy guidelines. Children’s Medical Ventures’ blue LED technology delivers cool spotlight phototherapy that provides the neonate a stable thermal environment without the heat transfer that halogen phototherapy devices can generate. BiliTx delivers superior irradiance when used in the overhead spot configuration or through standard fiber optic panels. Includes: * Bilitx Top-Level Base Unit. * Bilitx Over the shoulder bag. * Apple Grey 3-Wire Power Cord. * Wrap around Fiber Optic Panel. * Professional Pannel. * Parents Manual. Product Specifications: Size: - Illuminator: 16.10 cm x 7.40 cm (6.34" x 2.92"). - Neonatal fiber-optic panel: 12.7 cm x 17.78 cm (5" x 7"). - Wrap Around fiber-optic panel: 10.16 cm x 38.10 cm (4" x 15"). Weight: 1.3 kg (2.86 lb.). Spectral Irradiance Level: - Neonatal fiber-optic panel: 90 μm/cm2/nm - Wrap Around fiber-optic panel: 40 μm/cm2/nm - Overhead phototherapy: Distance - Irradiance (μW/cm2/nm) 15cm (6") - 75 μW/cm2/nm 30cm (12") - 32 μW/cm2/nm 45cm (18") - 10 μW/cm2/nm 60cm (24") - 9 μW/cm2/nm Wavelength: Peak between 450nm and 485nm. Sound Level: 52dB. Electrical: (In
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