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Point-O-Care Computer Cradle

Point-O-Care Computer Cradle
Features of the Point-O-Care Computer Cradle: Put your laptop on the cart and a UPS on the base and you have a mobile computing station that can work independent of the grid for 20 hours or more. This sturdy cradle clips to the base of your Mobile Workstation or other 5 arm base to present a secure platform for placement of heavy equipment which does not require constant interface. Strong polypropylene webbing straps secure your equipment to the steel base. Two piece quick disconnect buckles permit equipment to be switched in seconds. This simple cradle allows your Mobile Workstation to become a mobile office. Place a CPU or a UPS in the cradle for safe accessibility. Assembles to the base of your Mobile Workstation in seconds. No tools required! Remove for cleaning or wipe clean. Approved for all standard cleaning methods.
Manufactured By: Point-O-Care