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Philips HeartStart MRx Monitor/Defibrillator

Philips HeartStart MRx Monitor/Defibrillator
Features of the Philips HeartStart MRx Monitor/Defibrillator:HeartStart MRx Monitor/Defibrillator unites Philips industry-leading monitoring technologies with superior diagnostic measurements and the patented SMART Biphasic resuscitation waveform in a single, thoughtfully designed, lightweight device.The HeartStart MRx Monitor/Defibrillator provides several best-in-class advantages important to both EMS and hospitals care providers. The longest battery-powered operating time, the largest color display, and fastest time to shock of any monitor/defibrillator.* Task-specific views.* Large, bright, easy-to-view display.* Code view.* 12-Lead view which eliminates the need to resend.* Store up to 50 12-leads.* Monitor view.* Analysis on screen.* Device diagnostic mode.* Longest battery life.* Temperature, an increasingly important parameter.* Configurable monitor/defibrillator in one device.* Only Philips provides ventilation monitoring during a code.
Manufactured By: Philips