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Non-Sterile Lightly Powdered Latex Exam Gloves, Unisize, 1000/Cs

Non-Sterile Lightly Powdered Latex Exam Gloves, Unisize, 1000/Cs
* Manufactured with a Patented Allotex® enzyme-treated latex which reduces latex protein allergens by as much as 99+%.* Low modulus formulation for the ultimate in comfort and stretch.* Polymer lined.* Lightly Powdered.* Latex Exam and Sterile Latex Exam Gloves: _70mg powder per glove.* Sterile Latex Surgeons Gloves: <120mg powder per glove. * Individual peel open package with inner wallet for aseptic donning for all sterile gloves. State-of-the-Art Facilities Create State-of-the-Art Value. For over 30 years, Tillotson Healthcare has been a leader in the manufactur of innovative hand covering solutions for the health care community - with a full line of examination, surgical and industrial-grade gloves, including latex, low protein latex, nitrile and vinyl. Our low modulus line of gloves (Formula One®, Ultra Care®) remains the benchmark for comfort, fit and tactile sensitivity. And in response to the significant issue of latex allergies, these Allotex® enzyme-treated latex gloves reduce allergy causing latex content by as much as 99%. The future is bright at Tillotson Healthcare.Patented Technologies and proprietary formulations set Tillotson Healthcare gloves apart from the competition. Whether it's our low-allergen Allotex® enzyme-treated latex products or True Advantage®, a revolutionary new soft nitrile product with the fit and feel of natural rubber latex - Tillotson remains the leader in innovative hand covering solutions.
Manufactured By: Tillotson
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