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Netech MiniSim 330 EEG Simulator

Netech MiniSim 330 EEG Simulator
MiniSim 330, EEG Simulator is designed to test EEG instruments including recorders and Sleep Study Monitors. The compact, microcontroller based instrument has five separate floating outputs and simulates ABR, Sine, Square and Triangle waveforms with selectable frequencies and amplitudes.The easy to use MiniSim 330 is menu operated via 8 tactile feel keys and a large LCD display. High accuracy is provided by its advanced microprocessor with a crystal oscillator and precision voltage reference.The MiniSim 330 EEG Simulator is a unique test instrument that provides quick and easy performance testing of all EEG instrumentation.Product Features:* Large LCD Display.* Clean Microvolt Signals.* Selectable Amplitudes.* Selectable Frequencies.* Compact, Rugged Case.* Measurements: ABR, Sine, Square, and Triangle Waveforms.* 8 tactile membrane keypad.* 2 line 16 character LCD Display.* Weight: 10oz (0.28 kg).* Size: 5.5 x 3.5 x 1.5 inches (13.75 x 8.75 x 3.75).EEG Output Connections: Five separate floating outputs are provided through patented EEG spring loaded connections marked E1+, E2+, E3+, E4+, E5+, and E1-, E2-, E3-, E4-, and E5-. The two reference outputs are marked Ref.
Manufactured By: Netech
SKU: NET-330