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Netech MiniSim 1000 Multi-Parameter Arrhythmia Simulator

Netech MiniSim 1000 Multi-Parameter Arrhythmia Simulator
The MiniSim 1000, Arrhythmia Simulator is a powerful, comprehensive patient simulator in a compact case. It is designed for testing the performance of patient monitoring instrumentation quickly and easily.The microprocessor based instrument is menu driven via its tactile feel keypad and easy to follow LCD display. The MiniSim 1000 provides full 12 lead ECG simulation with 14 user selectabel rates from 30 to 350 BPM and 14 user selectable amplitudes from 0.15 to 5 mV. Sine, Square, and Triangle performance waveforms are simulated with 14 user selectable rates from 0.1 to 100 Hz.The MiniSim also simulates 45 different arrhythmias including atrial, ventricular, tall T wave, ST elevation, ST depression, myocardial infraction, blocks, pulse, and pacer waveforms. In addition, two invasive blood pressures are simulated with choice of 12 static pressures and 6 dynamic waveforms. Respiration is simulated with 4 rates. 4 base line impedance, and 4 delta impedance selections. Apnea may be off, continuous, and with either 12 or 32 second apnea bradycardia. Finally, temperature is available at either 25 or 37 degrees Centigrade.The MiniSim 1000 multi-parameter patient simulator is powered by a 9 volt alkaline battery with a typical life of 40 continuos hours. The instrument provides unmatched choices of parameter simulation in a truly compact instrument.Testing Features:* 12 Lead ECG.* 45 Arrhythmias.* ECG Performance Waveforms.* 2 Blood Pressure.* Respiration / Apnea.* Temperature.Operating Features:* Easy to Use.* Small, Compact Size.* Menu driven operation.* Large LCD Display.* Tactile Keypad.* Battery or AC Operation.
Manufactured By: Netech
SKU: NET-300-1.3