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Nasco Super Chloe Patient Care Simulator

Nasco Super Chloe Patient Care Simulator
Features of the Nasco Super Chloe Patient Care Simulator: A fully articulating patient care simulator with airway management features, including: soft, lifelike airway with realistic tongue, trachea, and epiglottis; BVM with realistic chest rise; practice oral/nasal intubation; and pass NP/OP tubes. Practice breast examination with seven interchangeable breasts for palpation and examination. Hear the appropriate heart and lung sound as bell of stethoscope is moved across the front and back of the torso. The simulator features a blood pressure training arm that has adjustable systolic and diastolic blood pressure, adjustable auscultation gap, and adjustable pulse rate. Also provides gynecologic examination features, including: pap smear; bi-annual pelvic examination; palpation of normal and pregnant uteri; vaginal examination, including insertion of speculum; visual recognition of normal and abnormal crevices; and uterine sounding. General care features include: stylish wig for hair care exercises and surgical draping; removable dentures; eyes in eye sockets for ophthalmic exercises; ear canal for otic drops and irrigation; injection arm for IV, IM, Sub Q, and intradermal exercises; pass NG and OG tubes; practice colostomy, ileostomy, and suprapubic care/irrigation exercises; interchangeable male/female catheterization; enema administration; decubitus ulcers; and ulcerated foot. Includes blood pressure arm. One-year limited warranty.
Manufactured By: Nasco Company