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Multistix Bayer Urine Test Strips 10 SG, 100/Box

Multistix Bayer Urine Test Strips 10 SG, 100/Box
Features of the Multistix Urine Test Strips:* Reagent strips for urinalysis are firm plastic strips to which separate reagent test pads are affixed. * The reagent test pads on Bayer reagent test strips are ready to use right from the bottle, and the entire reagent strip is disposable. * The strips can be read visually, requiring no additional equipment. * Certain configurations of strips may also be read instrumentally on the Clinitek 500, 200+, 100 or 50 urine chemistry analyzers, which offer increased standardization in urinalysis. * The break-resistant plastic vial holds 100 reagent test strips.Tests urine for:* Glucose.* Bilirubin.* Ketone. * Specific gravity. * Blood. * pH. * Protein.* Urobilinogen.* Nitrite.* Leucocytes.
Manufactured By: Bayer Healthcare
SKU: AHC2161