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Millipore HPC Total Count Sampler, Red, 25/pk

Millipore HPC Total Count Sampler, Red, 25/pk
Features of the Millipore HPC Total Count Sampler: Sterilized, individually packaged, ready-to-use dip testers for HPC Total Count. Convenient alternative to Standard Methods MF method for routine monitoring of microbiological organisms Consist of plastic paddle with air vent, filter in contact with nutrient-containing pad, and plastic sampling/incubation case 0.45µ filter is marked with a grid to aid in counting colonies on its surface Incubation time: 48 to 72 hours at 25° to 35°C (77° to 95°F) Applications: Food/Beverage; Dental Unit Water; Dialysate; Pharmaceutical; and Cosmetic
Manufactured By: Millipore (Chemicon)