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MalleoLoc Ankle Brace, Left, Size 1 (Smaller than 2.25)

MalleoLoc Ankle Brace, Left, Size 1 (Smaller than 2.25)
Features of the MalleoLoc Ankle Brace: Stabilizing ankle orthosis specifically contoured to increase stability without restricting mobility. Prevents outward rolling of the ankle. Leaves heel and front of foot free for natural stabilization, and allows for full plantar- and dorsi-flexion. Figure-8 Velcro® strapping. Lightweight and streamlined to fit any shoe. Heat moldable for optimal fit. Latex-free. Titanium. We encourage you to check the fit of the brace on the wearer’s foot and ankle. If the brace is not flush against the foot, the thermoplastic material is easily reshaped by using a heat gun.Here is a quick checklist to determine if the brace needs to be reshaped.Once the brace is fastened to the wearer’s foot: Is there a gap between the edge of the foot and the brace itself? Is there any space between the lower ankle and the brace? Does the wearer notice any uncomfortable pressure points? There are two critical points where most of the heating and adaptation must be done; both are found at the lower outside part of the shell:1) Outer shell near the plastic strap buckle2) Outer shell at the bottom of the foot
Manufactured By: Bauerfeind USA
SKU: BFD-1201301308701