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Lighthouse High Pressure Diffuser - 0.3μm 1.0 CFM Captured

Lighthouse High Pressure Diffuser - 0.3μm 1.0 CFM Captured
High Pressure Diffuser - 1.0 CFM The HIGH PRESURE DIFFUSER was designed for use with our Air Particle Counters in applications where the sample is under pressure. Standard applications include sampling of CDA, Nitrogen Lines and other inert gasses. This unit is available in a Vented and Ported version. Choose the appropriate version depending on the need to exhaust the excess sample gas outside of the test area (Ported) or allow it to vent into the test area (Vented). It will accept inlet pressures ranging from 30 to 150 psi (2 to 10.3 bar) and is also available with a 1.0 or 0.1 CFM outlet flow to meet your application needs. This design contains only 5 parts and is easily disassembled and cleaned. It is constructed of Stainless Steel and has replaceable Fluorocarbon (Viton) O-Rings for ease of service. Technical Specifications: Materials: Stainless Steel with Nitrile (Buna-N) and Fluorocarbon (Viton) O-Rings. Inlet Pressure Range: 30 to 150 psi [2 to 10.3 bar. Outlet Flow Rate: 0.1 CFM or 1 CFM. Flow Control: Metal Orifice. Isokinetic Sampling Point: Adjustable over the inlet Pressure Range. Sample Fluid: pressurized air, nitrogen and inert gases. Inlet and Outlet Ports: #4 Metal gasket high purity VCR fittings. Diameter: 1.31" [3.3 cm] x 3.08 [7.8 . Length: 9.1" [23.1 cm] at the 30 psi setting and 10.83" [27.5 cm] at the 150 psi setting. Cleanability: the 5 parts can be dis-assembled and easily cleaned, o-rings can be replaced.
Manufactured By: Lighthouse Worldwide Solutions
SKU: LGT-402-965231-2