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Lighthouse Filter Scanning Probe - 1.0 CFM, Adapter Fitting

Lighthouse Filter Scanning Probe - 1.0 CFM, Adapter Fitting
SOLAIR 3100 & 5100 Series Filter Scanning Probe Features: Iso-Kinetically Designed for Accurate Scanning. More Precise Scanning at the Edges of a Filter Element. Shorter Scanning Times Due to Larger Probe Cross Section. Compatible With Many Common Extension Poles. Available in Anodized Aluminum or Stainless Steel. Extension Pole Mount: Accepts Standard Extension Poles and can be Adjusted to Allow for Proper Probe Position at Multiple Angles and Heights. Useful in testing filter integrity and efficiency. Designed to Allow for Maximum Filter Coverage While Still Maintaining Iso-Kinetic Sampling. To be used for scanning filters for leaks. This fan shaped probe is isokinetically designed and covers a much larger area in a shorter amount of time than the standard round isokinetic sampling probe that is included with the unit.
Manufactured By: Lighthouse Worldwide Solutions
SKU: LGT-402-965232-1