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Laerdal VitalSim Control Unit

Laerdal VitalSim Control Unit
Features of the Laerdal VitalSim Control Unit: VitalSim simulates a comprehensive array of core vital signs for effective scenario-based training and skills training. VitalSim is logistically flexible and cost effective working with a wide range of patient manikins for training in-hospital and pre-hospital care providers. Educationally effective for training in the care and treatment of adult male, adult female, pediatric, and infant patients. Preprogrammed and programmable scenarios provide standardized training and ease of use. Customizable scenarios and real time instructor control allows training to be adapted to meet students needs. Easily and conveniently connects with all VitalSim-capable manikins and skills trainers. Simple user interface and wireless handheld controller allow instructors to remain engaged with students for enhanced training. Data logging and download capabilities for effective assessment and debriefing. Cardiac capabilities include 1400+ ECG rhythm variations. Pacing with or without capture. Defibrillation. Auscultation of normal and abnormal sounds a. Heart b. Breath c. Bowel Sounds d. Fetal Tones. Blood pressure can be set to allow for realistic palpation and auscultation. Systolic and diastolic pressures, auscultatory gap and volume are variable. VitalSim enables palpation of carotid, brachial and radial pulses with pulse strength that varies with blood pressure. Instructors can play pre-recorded patient voice sounds or transmit their own voice through the manikin. Works with adult male and female, pediatric and infant manikins and a variety of task trainers. VitalSim allows for creating, editing and running preprogrammed and instructor written scenarios. Downloadable student data logs. Product Includes: Control Unit including Battery Case and Batteries (6), Remote Control including Batteries (4), Operating Device to Control Unit Cable, USB Cable for connection to PC, AC Adapter, Software CD, Carry Case and Directions for Use.
Manufactured By: Laerdal
SKU: LRD-200-10001