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Hometech HI-6001 Series Feel Fresh Bidet with Remote Control

Hometech HI-6001 Series Feel Fresh Bidet with Remote Control
The Feel Fresh Bidet, Hometech 6001 Series with remote control, includes a convenient and attractive side panel with easy to use push button controls. Two separate spray nozzles (serving the special needs of women and men). Both water pressure and water temperature can easily be adjusted. This wonderful heated bidet seat comes completely assembled. PRODUCT FEATURES: Elongated and White. Provide a sleek look and added functions. Wireless wall mount remote control allows the owner to place the controls in the most convenient bathroom location. Ultimate in personal hygiene and family control. Fits one or two piece toilets. Easily replaces most standard toilet seats. Easy to install (comes with "T" for your cold water inlet). Plugs into standard 120v electrical (has 4' cord). Water pressure supply inlet range of 10-100 psi. Powerful deodorizer removes embarrassing odor. In-seat alarm. 6/9 hour energy save timer. Soothing massage spray. High powered auto nozzle cleaner. Warm air dryer for hands off cleaning. Made with germ resistant durable molded plastic. Twin spray nozzles provide a soft, gentle cleaning spray & water jet. Seat sensor safety (will not operate without sitting on seat). Thermostat controlled water temperature. Built-in memory system regulates water pressure and temperature. Double anti back-flow devices. Slow closing seat and lid. Comfortable heated seat. Push button control panel. Built-in ground fault production. Manufacturer's one-year limited warranty.
Manufactured By: Hygiene for Health