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Genzyme Osom Ultra Strep A Test Kit, 25/bx

Genzyme Osom Ultra Strep A Test Kit, 25/bx
Features of the Genzyme Osom Ultra Strep A Test Kit: Immunochromatographic assay statistically equivalent to single swab culture. Sensitivity: 96% (Ultra Sensitive—studies have shown the sensitivity of Ultra Strep A and the standard single swab culture are not statistically different). Specificity: 100%. Dual Label Technology (DLT)* uses antibody labeled color particles coated at two separate locations which allows for greater sensitivity than the conventional single label technology without sacrificing specificity. Easy-to-read two color results. Results in five minutes. Specimen Type: Throat swab. Controls included in kit. Performance Characteristics: tested by using Rigorous Gold Standard (multiple sample swab culture plus broth enhanced pledget culture) as the Gold Standard. Reagents: Single reagent delivery system. Extraction reagents are combined into one device (25 test kit). No mixing or handling two different reagent bottles. CLIA Complexity: Waived. Includes: Controls.
Manufactured By: Genzyme
SKU: G-147