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DeVilbiss 9100 CPAP Humidifier for CPAP Units

DeVilbiss 9100 CPAP Humidifier for CPAP Units
The DeVilbiss® Humidifier 9100D provides an add-on option for patients who require humidity to comply with their CPAP therapy. This easy-to-use humidifier is dishwasher safe and features a unique modular design that is perfect for stacking with CPAP equipment. The large surface area of the unit provides superior humidity output that results in improved patient benefit. High capacity reservoir for 12 hours of uninterrupted operation. Compatible with any CPAP unit. Modular design to fit easily under CPAP unit. See-through reservoir allows for easy monitoring of the water level. High humidity ouput. Separated easily for cleaning. Completely submersible & dishwasher safe.
Manufactured By: DeVilbiss
SKU: DVB-9100D