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Clarity Safety Lancets, 23G, 2.3mm, 200/pk

Clarity Safety Lancets, 23G, 2.3mm, 200/pk
Features of the Clarity Safety Lancets: The Clarity Safety Lancets provide a safe, affordable, and simple method for blood sampling. These single-use lancets minimize pain through quick delivery and penetration and are designed to prevent needle-stick injuries, cross-contamination, and other related accidents. Two key safety features that prevent accidental finger-sticks. Protected by a protective tab that can be twist removed before use. Has a press trigger to activate the lancet, and the needle retracts automatically to assure both ambulance person and patient the minimum risk of needle sticks, and to help prevent both accidential and intentional reuse and re-exposure. Split-second incision minimizes pain. Pre-cocked and easy-to-use. Small & Lightweight. Cost-Effective. Disposable. Sterile. Made in the USA. 23 Gauge, 2.3mm depth.
Manufactured By: Clarity
SKU: DTG-SL23200