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Carr Narcotics Locker, Double Door, 18 x 30 x 12

Carr Narcotics Locker, Double Door, 18 x 30 x 12
Features of the Carr Narcotics Locker: The Narcotic Locker is a stand alone wall mounted narcotics cabinet with enhanced size and security. Two doors, one behind the other, provide layered security. Each door has one replaceable core lock, each lock keyed differently. The outer door cannot be closed if the key is inadvertently left in the inner door. Constructed entirely of double wall heavy gauge stainless steel with corner overlapping reinforcements and a welded inner core for added strength and rigidity. Doors are double wall with strengthening reinforcements and have a full length stainless steel piano hinge. One end of hinge pin is welded to prevent removal. Interior is flush with no blind space behind front frame and has three height adjustable shelves standard. Overall size is 18"? wide, 30"? high, 12"? deep.
Manufactured By: Carr Corporation