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BB-800 Bio Bidet Prestige Bidet Seat, Elongated-White

BB-800 Bio Bidet Prestige Bidet Seat, Elongated-White
The Bio Bidet 800 Prestige bidet seat has a newly designed control panel that allows easy operation. Its state-of-the-art patented 1 pocket 3 nozzle system includes Anterior, Posterior and the new, Turbo wash and allows users to choose different water streams per their needs.It is also equipped with a capacitance seat sensor, warm air dry, hydraulic heated seat and cover, massage, oscillating and much more.PRODUCT FEATURES: Patented 1 pocket 3 nozzle system. Auto Smart Power Saving. Extra protection on electronic parts. Quality approved by UL CE TUV. Heated Seat. Warm Air Dry. Built-in Filter. Hydraulic Seat and Cover. Safety Sensor. Self-Diagnosis. Massage Cleaning. Wide Cleaning Gentle Aerated Water Stream. Quick Release for Easy Cleaning.STATE OF THE ART FUNCTIONS: Patented Nozzle:World’s first pocket 3 nozzle system. Auto Power Savings:Smart Auto Power Saving in 2 Programs. Powerful Air Dry:Up to 70% more powerful air dry. Heated Seat:30% wider coverage heating element. Anterior:Soft aerated mist water stream for feminine cleansing. Posterior:Soft aerated water yet, powerful enough for thorough cleansing. Turbo Wash:Whirly mass of soft aerated water stream. Pulsating Massage:Rhythmic pulsating action for soothing massage. Self Cleaning:Auto self cleaning nozzle after & before each usage. Quick Release:Quick release feature allows easy cleaning. Built-In Filter:Filter prevents system from lime build up. Self-Diagnosis:System warns user of any malfunction. Hydraulic Seat:Slow closing seat & cover. Seat Sensor:Equipped with the most advanced "Capacitance"? Sensor.PATENTED 3 IN 1 NOZZLE: Self Clean. Aerated Soft Anterior Wash. Effective Posterior Wash. Satisfying Turbo Wash. Pulsating Massage. Oscillating Wide Clean. Water Pressure Control. Water Temperature Control.Proper way to use Prestige BB-800 Bidet Seat.1. Adjust water pressure and temperature at desired settings.2. Constipation problem? Change water pressure from low to medium rapidly. This will stimulate anal region to induce bowel movement.3. Choose desired nozzle and activate.4. Oscillating is highly effective for optimal cleansing.5. Optimum usage is about 15 seconds at a time with medium temperature and pressure.6. Remove excessive water in gentle tapping motion using toilet paper. No wiping.7. At medium heat and air setting, use dryer for about 15 seconds. Dimensions: 18.5 inches (Measured from the center of the bolts that hold the seat down, to the outer front edge of a toilet.)
Manufactured By: Hygiene for Health