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Allied LSP Trauma Air Pants, Pediatric, with 1 Gauge, Pump Assembly

Allied LSP Trauma Air Pants, Pediatric, with 1 Gauge, Pump Assembly
LSP Trauma Air Pants They provide complete counter-pressure around the legs and abdomen, combining safety and comfort for the patient. LSP Trauma Air Pants are especially suitable for pre-hospital and hospital use. Both the Adult and Pediatric Trauma Air Pants provide the following specialized features: * Handles are strategically located on the torso area and both legs for easy positioning and patient movement. * All bladders have a lifetime warranty against breakage. *The pant material has a 2-year warranty. * Unique design allows the pants to open outward and lie flat for easy application and patient accessibility. * Color coded Velcro straps and luminescent pressure gauges for easy nighttime application. * Inflation pump can be used with foot, hand or knee pressure. * Adult pants are easily downsized to fit either a small adult or a pediatric patient. * Soft-pack carry bag is padded for protection, and the strap system converts to a backpack for carrying case. Specifications Outside Fabric: 420 denier nylon fabric. Inner Bladder: Clear 12 mil ether-based polyurethane. Ultra-violet, bacteria and fungus stabilized. Suitable for extensive water immersion and air retention. Inner Bladder comes with a lifetime warranty. Pump: High grade neoprene. Hoses: Surgical quality latex. Gauges: Phosphorescent gauges 0-200 mm Hg. Pressure Relief Valves: Pop-off pressure 110-135mm Hg.
Manufactured By: Allied Healthcare/B&F