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Alere Hemosense INRatio Test Strips, Box of 48

Alere Hemosense INRatio Test Strips, Box of 48
The INRatio® Test Strip features unique electrochemical technology. The INRatio test strip is made of laminated layers of transparent plastic. The simple design features a sample well where blood is applied, three channels through which the blood sample flows to reach the testing areas, reagents to start the coagulation process, and electrodes that interface with the INRatio meter. The meter uses the test strip's 3 channel technology to perform the PT test AND 2 quality control tests (high and low) simultaneously, and determines whether the high and low controls are within preset limits. If they are, strip integrity is verified, and the meter reports the PT test result. If they are not, the meter displays an ERROR message. The unique technology of the INRatio strip performs the Quality Control test alongside the actual test sample, requiring no additional steps. No Refrigeration Required. INRatio Test Strips can be stored at room temperature until they expire, saving refrigerator storage space, and allowing more testing flexibility.
Manufactured By: HemoSense
SKU: HEM-P-T100139Z