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3M Precise PGX Disposable Skin Stapler, 35 Wide Staples

3M Precise PGX Disposable Skin Stapler, 35 Wide Staples
3M™ Precise™ PGX Disposable Skin Stapler:A disposable pistol grip stapler with a slim, lightweight design that handles like a well-balanced, precision surgical instrument. Precise PGX staplers are available in four configurations: 35 regular or wide and 15 regular or wide. Benefits: * Slim design provides excellent visibility for more accurate staple placement. * Lightweight and well-balanced design allows for easy handling with less hand fatigue. * Staple preview position provides staple visibility for more reliable use. * Automatic staple release lifts off in any direction to eliminate staple hang-ups. * Flexible placement angle allows choice in staple placement depth. * Ergonomically designed pistol grip fits a wide range of hand sizes for greater comfort and easy use. * Simple design and quality construction assure consistent, reliable performance.Suggested Applications: For closure of skin. For use in:* Operating Room. * Labor and Delivery. * Emergency Department. * Outpatient Surgery. * Clinics and physician's offices.
Manufactured By: 3M